Tom Midgley

City: Boulder, CO
State: Colorado
License Name: Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC)


Office Address:

Boulder Addictions Counseling

737 29th Street, Suite 200B

Boulder, Colorado 80303

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

I am a licensed addiction counselor and the Clinical Director of Boulder Addictions Counseling in Boulder, Colorado. I want to emphasize that I treat my clients, not the addictions they live with, and I strive to provide a unique and holistic path for each client’s recovery. I treat people with differing types of addictions—gambling, Internet, drugs, and alcohol. However, I am mostly concerned with helping people live in lifelong sobriety, not simply surviving but enjoying life!

I specialize in contemplative counseling, combining methods such as meditation with other forms of psychotherapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. My Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention classes teach people appropriate coping skills and tools to deal with their behaviors beyond therapy. I work with juveniles and adults in the criminal justice system to prevent relapse, with a high success rate.

In addition to providing objective support to people with addictions, I also provide therapeutic services for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and anger management.


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