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Therese Noel Allen

City: Oakland, CA
State: California
License Name: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)



Office Address:

Therese Noel Allen, MA, MFT

Therese Noel Allen, MA, MFT

I offer my clients a confidential and accepting environment as a foundation for a collaborative relationship based on empathy, curiosity, and respect. Through the use of personal expression and art, we are able to access emotions, memories, fantasies, fears, and inherent wisdom in a deep and profound way. Such exploration leads us to begin to find meaning together in the material brought forth.... Read More

1941 Jackson Street, Suite 17

Oakland, California 94612

Therapy Specialties: 

Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorders
LGBT Issues
Panic Attacks
Sexual Abuse
Women's Issues
Child or Adolescent
Domestic Violence
Gender Identity
Narcissistic Personality
Relationship Issues


Payments Accepted:
Cash, Check


Personal Statement

While I do offer talk therapy, I also blend psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy and somatic bodywork. Expressive arts therapy can look like anything from me having you choose images (rather than using words) to describe your experience, to drama therapy techniques by which I facilitate you having a conversation with a “part” of yourself that continues a frustrating habit. Somatic work can involve standing practices that reflect back what your body (you) are doing, as opposed to what you think you are doing. It can also mean me doing hands-on Strozzi bodywork with you.

Somatic bodywork is done fully clothed, lying face up on a bodywork table and employs touch and conversation to support a shift from contraction, lack of choices and rigid patterns, to openness and embodiment, enabling greater choice and response from the present, rather than past fears or traumas.

I offer my clients an environment characterized by confidentiality, acceptance, and a collaborative relationship based on empathy, curiosity, and respect. Together, we mobilize your resilience, restore your body as a safe, resourced place for you to live within and from, and regenerate the space for you to have a rich inner- and outer-life.

Client Focus (Age)

Children (6 to 10)
Adolescents/Teenagers (14 to 19)

Treatment Orientation

Art Therapy
Mindfulness Based Approaches
Expressive Arts
Integration of different therapy models
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Play Therapy
Sand Play

Services Fee

Therapy Session $180


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