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Stephanie Cobb Kinney

City: Hastings, NE
State: Nebraska
License Name: Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP)


Office Address:

LifeWorks Wellness, PC

440 N Minnesota Ave

Hastings, Nebraska 68901

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

My role is more of a coach than psychoanalyst. My goal is to help others find solutions to their problems, guiding them through self-discovery and action. People tell me I am easy to talk to and provide the encouragement necessary for self-reflection, goal setting, and success. I will help you find the solutions to your problems, using your own strengths to propel you forward. I also strive to help you harness new skills to combat any complicated life scenarios you may be dealing with.

When working with me, I ensure that your time and finances will be used most effectively. The methods I use will help you find health and healing in an efficient and direct manner. I will work with your insurance company to coordinate payments, and I gladly offer professional referrals if you feel that my services are not right for you. Life is difficult enough, the therapeutic process should not be. Please, let me be there for you as you venture down this new path.

Stephanie, a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, has over 16 years experience in counseling individuals, couples and families. The focus of her practice is broad including couples counseling, divorce recovery, parenting issues, behavioral problems (particularly in young children), stress management, mood disorders, personality disorders, social skills development, problem-solving, trauma recovery, eating disorders and adolescent issues. She is certified in EMDR and experienced in DBT skills training.


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