Reid Stell

City: Seattle, WA
State: Washington
License Name: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)


Office Address:

Reid Stell Counseling

901 Boren Ave #701

Seattle, Washington 98104

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Personal Statement

Hello and welcome! The fact that you’re looking for a counselor means you’re ready to start making some changes for the better. I counsel kids, families, couples, and individuals who are dealing with issues ranging from depression and anxiety to fears and phobias, and fatalism. If you’re dealing with grief and loss or other life changes, or struggles with relationships, I’m here to help you find a new way forward. I also facilitate an ongoing anxiety and depression therapy groups. Together we can find the hope you already know is there!

Together, we will use tools and new insights to help you find your way through the struggle and toward a new and hopeful life. Among other difficulties, I treat hoarding, anxiety, fears, depression, OCD, PTSD, relationship trouble, and midlife turmoil. Because you are a unique individual, we will approach your therapy individually.

I help families stay together and I work with parents with kids they don’t know what to do with. For adoptive families at their wit’s end, I use a holistic approach which can work when nothing else has. Call anytime to make an office appointment, or to request a phone assessment.


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