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Patti M. D’Arcy

City: Philadelphia, PA
State: Pennsylvania
License Name: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)


Office Address:

D'Arcy, Bruning, & Associates, Therapy Services

128 Chestnut Street, Suite 404

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Therapy Specialties: 


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Personal Statement

When people experience trauma, or severe life stressors often their life unravels. I’m passionate about helping people to heal from these traumas. Whether it is adults, adolescents or couples I help people find healthy perceptions of themselves and build support systems so they can find the space in their lives to live peacefully, whole, safe and complete.

No single approach is right for every person and so I have been trained in a range of modalities including Mindfulness, Somatic experiencing, a somatic approach to the treatment of trauma, Couples counseling with an emphasis on conflict resolution, sleep dynamic therapy for sleep problems, as well as decades of experience treating phobias, panic attacks, anxiety and depression

I have worked in traditional social work settings with the homeless, mentally ill, adjudicated teens and as an international adoption counselor. I’ve been in private practice since 2004. In 2014 I was hired to work in the behavioral health clinic for the US Army as a therapist. There, I worked with service members and their families, many of whom had returned from difficult deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m proud to provide services to all members of the armed services and their families.


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