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Pamela Meyerson

City: Northbrook, IL
State: Illinois
License Name: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)



Office Address:

Pam Meyerson & Associates, PC

Pam Meyerson & Associates, PC

Are you feeling lonely in your relationship? You may be wondering how that’s possible, how this happened, or how the circumstances that arise as you move through life together have so strongly impacted your connection with your partner. I am here to help you get back on track, and overcome the obstacles threatening to come between you.... Read More

910 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 211

Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Therapy Specialties: 

Relationship Issues


Payments Accepted:
Mastercard, Visa


Personal Statement

I specialize in couples’ counseling, working with them regarding resentment, intimacy, and infidelity. Relationships require maintenance, and over time, can suffer from neglect or hurt feelings. I have experience helping couples through a range of difficulties, including infidelity, emotional distance, sexual issues, and addictions (substances, alcohol, gambling, shopping, etc.). My goal is to guide these couples toward renewal and strength.

I also provide relationship counseling for people looking to cultivate love in their lives or for individuals whose partners refuse to go to therapy. Either way, relationship counseling can help to foster confidence and self-love, while clarifying goals within the context of a partnership.

For individuals, I offer treatments for anxiety, alcohol abuse, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) for college students. Each of these challenges is manageable. You can learn coping skills for moving beyond the impact of these difficulties, reaching your life’s goals.

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