Lori Crowson

City: Edmond, OK
State: Oklahoma
License Name: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


Office Address:

New Leaf Counseling

1985 W. 33rd Street

Edmond, Oklahoma 73013

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

Dr. Lori Crowson is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in individual, couples, and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Edmond, Oklahoma.

With over 6 years experience as a therapist in the Edmond and Oklahoma City Metro Area, and as a Doctor of Behavioral Health, she is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of patients. Among her areas of learning are working with patients suffering with Chronic Pain, Diabetes, other medical issues, as well as, people with Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, and adults who have suffered from sexual abuse as children.

In addition to being a relationship therapist, Lori has presented to general audiences speaking on the topics of chronic pain and the importance of group therapy.


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