Kristen Fong

City: Novato, CA
State: California
License Name: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)


Office Address:

Kristen Fong, MFT

600 Professional Center Drive, Suite 624

Novato, California 94947

Therapy Specialties: 

Family Conflict
Multicultural Issues
Relationship Issues
Sex Therapy
Trauma and PTSD
Internet Addiction
Self Esteem


Payments Accepted:
American Express, Cash, Check, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa


Personal Statement

Are you done wondering when you will be hurt again and instead want a relationship with honesty, compassion, and kindness? Are you ready for relief from resentment and desire a genuine marriage worthy of trust? You don’t have to suffer alone trying to navigate your way through a difficult relationship. I have spent years mastering the strategies I now use each and every day with couples. I will guide you towards your best ability to connect, be heard, and open up using my proven methods that have been shown to bring about change.

You desire a healthy, connected, fulfilling relationship, but the steps to getting there are alluding you. I am a relationship therapist with a proven method to moving away from problems to solutions. The default responses and reactions aren’t working, so building solutions into your dynamic will ensure that these problems have much less impact on your life in the future.

Your first step is a commitment to prioritizing your relationship, the same as prioritizing your children & parenting, career and other things in your life that you’ve been successful at. Relief is closer than you think.

Client Focus (Age)

Elders (65+)

Treatment Orientation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)

Family Systems

Services Fee

Therapy Session $150-$170


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