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Kimberly Pitrelli

City: New York, NY
State: New York
License Name: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)


Office Address:

Kimberly Pitrelli, MA, LMHC

920 Broadway, Suite 1415

New York, New York 10010

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Personal Statement

To work out negative thoughts and emotions, it’s important to confide in those we trust. Unfortunately, people let each other down or don’t understand the value of these human interactions, and so we can neglect the communication process. In these times, people may need to turn to a trusting and objective source to talk about their pain and worries. Mental health counseling can provide that space for anyone needing to gain perspective and rebuild confidence. It is a process to understand our needs and set goals.

I provide talk therapy for individuals and couples, who need to work through life’s challenges and resolve conflicts. The existential approach of psychology affirms that humans will transform and are in a constant state of evolution. With this in mind, we will work together to find a specific treatment plan that helps you to develop into your most authentic self. Through the course of existential counseling, you will not only discover the best means of meeting your goals, but you will begin to heal from emotional pain.


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