Jill Haire

City: Orlando, FL
State: Florida
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individuals and their families in a long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and individuals
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My Approach to Helping

In my view it is a privilege, a responsibility and a blessing to counsel those who are willing to illuminate and heal the dark places in their lives. Because human beings are holistic in nature, composed of body, mind and spirit, my approach will reflect that trinity. The goal is to release each of these three from blocks in order to reveal inner peace.

I’m an educational and interactive counselor. I’m also an author- my book: “Relax on Impact- Transformation and Empowerment Through Surrender””. I’m also launching the ROI Program for Colleges

Client Focus (Age)


Treatment Orientation

coupled with animation

Services Fee

a license to use and an original soundtrack. I counseled the terminally ill and their families in a hospice organization


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