Helen Turano

City: Worcester, MA
State: Massachusetts
License Name: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)


Office Address:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Worcester

9 Cedar St

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Therapy Specialties: 



Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

You want the best, most effective treatment available for yourself or your child. My goal is to be the local expert in my areas of specialty. I offer you a flexible but structured approach to treatment. Call me so that we can discuss whether I would be a good “fit” for your needs. If I am not, I will try to offer you an appropriate referral.

I will teach you skills and offer you support so that you can begin to approach what you have been avoiding. We will work on mindfulness to help you disengage from negative thoughts and feelings, and act now to create meaning in your life.

I want to teach you to become your own therapist.


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