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Erin Roalstad-Bossin

City: Los Angeles, CA
State: California
License Name: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)



Office Address:

Pacific Psychotherapy Associates

7000 Romaine Street, Suites 207-208

Los Angeles, California 90038

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

Erin’s therapy training and life experience brings passion and expertise in the area of women’s mental health. She specializes in co-dependency, finding healthy relationships, feelings of being stuck, substance abuse, career and life anxiety, depression, sexual harassment/abuse and self-esteem. Erin also works with parents on finding positive solutions to the ongoing challenges of being a parent and the impact on parents’ own self identity. Her goal is to help you achieve the change you want in your life by empowering you with insight, clarity, and acceptance and tools to achieve lasting change.

As a mental health therapist, Erin provides an interactive, conversational style of therapy oriented around helping clients find their voice. Without providing unnecessary advice, she listens and helps clients find their voice and the strength and confidence to use it. Too often clients feel like they are obligated to do or say something they “should” do – often putting other people’s feelings before their own. Erin encourages her clients to search within themselves to find the direction they would like their lives to go – not the direction someone else thinks it should go.

Erin does not limit her cases to just women. As a mental health therapist, she has extensive experience working with men, couples and LGBTQ clients on a wide variety of mental health and relational issues. Providing a safe place for all people to discuss life’s challenging issues, she will help you find a path towards your goals.

Client Focus (Age)

Children (6 to 10)
Preteens/Tweens (11 to 13)
Adolescents/Teenagers (14 to 19)

Services Fee

Therapy Session $140


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