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Dr. Richard Driscoll

City: Denver, CO
State: Colorado
License Name: Licensed Psychologist (LP)


Office Address:

Driscoll & Davis

1175 12th St

Denver, Colorado 80206

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

Life is difficult, as we all know, and sometimes painful, so I try to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible. I am an active therapist, and we work together to identify problems and find solutions. Most clients leave feeling more hopeful than when they arrived. I have written several books on marriage and relationships, and I explain my approach and why it produces respectable benefits. You are welcome to ask me any questions you wish, and I recognize that you are evaluating me as much as the other way around. Issues are generally resolved within two to six sessions.

I specialize in relationships, and help you communicate better, manage anger, resolve conflicts, and consider your future together. I maintain a safe environment, so you can each express your concerns but not feel you are being attacked. I see both parties together and also individually.

I focus on the present more than the past, and help you go forward. I provide written notes on the main points we cover, so that you can remember the suggestions we found helpful. I try to maintain a balance, so that both men and women feel understood.


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