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Dr. Neta Peleg-Oren

City: Aventura, FL
State: Florida
License Name: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)



Office Address:

Dr. Neta Peleg-Oren LLC

2627 NE 203 Street, Suite 113

Aventura, Florida 33180

Therapy Specialties: 


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Personal Statement

I care about you as a human being. I have lived enough years on earth to realize that life is not a fairy tale but we can still enjoy it and make the best of it. How can we enjoy life when we feel so stressed, miserable, and lonely in our life and in our marriage?

Let’s meet and I will help you in your journey to find joy in life. I possess extensive experience and knowledge in psychotherapy to help you achieve your goals.

Part of the journey is expressing and developing awareness of your thoughts and feelings. In order to accomplish this, I strive to create a confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental relationship.


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