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Dr. Laurie Edwards

City: New Haven, CT
State: Connecticut
License Name: Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP)


Office Address:

Laurie Marie Edwards, PsyD

37 Trumbull Street, Suite 104-1

New Haven, Connecticut 06510

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Personal Statement

How does personal transformation take place? For each person, it’s a little different. For some, it begins with being listened to without judgment. For some, it might begin with observing thoughts, feelings, and emotions; learning to let go of self-judgment; and embracing self-compassion. For some, it may start with learning to balance effort and ease through the practice of yoga postures.

Perhaps it involves balancing efforts to change with gratitude for what is. Perhaps it comes about through a deep inquiry into what it means to accept the things I cannot change, to have the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Perhaps it is spending time in nature and noticing the cycles of change that exist all around us. Perhaps it is noticing how a child or a dog can light up a room simply by existing. Perhaps it comes from realizing that right at this moment, someone else is experiencing a similar struggle, that we are not alone.

Services Fee

Therapy Session $150


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