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Dr. Howard S. Farkas

City: Chicago, IL
State: Illinois
License Name: Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP)


Office Address:

Chicago Behavioral Health, LLC

Chicago Behavioral Health, LLC

Dr. Farkas is a clinical psychologist in Chicago. He is the founder and president of Chicago Behavioral Health, LLC where he specializes in the treatment of emotional eating. We specialize in providing a psychological approach to behavior and lifestyle change. Our goal is to facilitate health risk reduction with a primary focus on improving medical self-management for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions.... Read More

155 N Michigan Ave, Suite 760

Chicago, Illinois 60601

Therapy Specialties: 

Emotional Disturbance
Binge Eating
Eating Disorders


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

The objective of my practice is to provide support to overcome undesirable behaviors, especially emotional eating. I specialize in treating individuals who struggle with weight loss, eating disorders, and anxiety. It’s not enough to know the steps to breaking this cycle—professional psychotherapy will help equip you with the tools to cope with compulsions and create healthier lifestyle choices.

I practice solution-based therapy, while blending other techniques to offer individuals a personal treatment plan. This plan consists of assessment, insight, and goal-setting. I work to guide and encourage individuals, helping them gain clarity regarding the symptoms and reasons behind their behaviors, as well as help them understand how their personal strengths can be used to cope with challenges and overcome them.

Don’t continue to live with anxiety, depression, obesity, or other eating issues; allow me to help you build defenses to combat these challenges.

Client Focus (Age)


Treatment Orientation

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Mindfulness Based Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Services Fee

Initial Consultation $200

Therapy Session $200


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