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Dr. Charles B. Wasserman

City: West Chester, PA
State: Pennsylvania
License Name: Licensed Psychologist (LP)


Office Address:

Charles B Wasserman, Ph.D.

103 South High St, Suite 7

West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

Hi, my name is Dr. Charles Wasserman. I am a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware with almost 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples, 17 years and older. I have worked with people with a variety of concerns and issues including depression, anxiety and panic, feelings of being overwhelmed by the stresses related to home, family, work, school and relationships. In addition, I provide services to senior living facilities and work with clients and families related to the issues of coping with aging and chronic medical illnesses.

As part of providing psychotherapy, I strongly believe in the comfort, privacy and emotional safety of the people I see. Therefore, my services are provided in a living-room type setting in a historic building in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania. As I believe that privacy, emotional safety and respect are of the utmost importance, I personally handle all aspects of the appointment and billing process, from the scheduling of appointments to issues associated with billing, insurance, communication with physicians, clergy and other professionals. I believe that this level of personal service is important for the people that I see to feel comfortable opening up in therapy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web-site. I hope that the information here is helpful to you or someone you love. If you think this information might help someone in your life, please feel free to have them contact me or tell them about my web-site and services.


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