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David L. DeBord

City: Denver, CO
State: Colorado
License Name: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


Office Address:

David L DeBord

9185 E Kenyon Ave #120

Denver, Colorado 80237

Therapy Specialties: 


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Personal Statement

At PCD Counseling, we believe that a person’s relationship with self, others & God are interdependent. Life experiences may directly impact one dimension, and yet affect all three. Professional training in the behavioral sciences and theological experience help us to be sensitive to the emotional, relational, and spiritual consequences of significant life events.

In the practice of spiritually integrative psychotherapy, we at PCD Counseling commit to productive dialogue with people’s values and beliefs. In working together with clients, we learn to recognize negative life patterns, explore more helpful alternatives, and find power to live more fully with self, others, and the Divine.

In our work at PCD Counseling, we use clinical skills and spiritual insights to help people actualize their God-given potentials for personal wholeness, social justice, and compassion-in-community. In so doing, both counselors and clients grow towards the maturity that is embodied in the Hebrew term SHALOM (peace, wellness, fullness).


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