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Candise Leininger

City: Cheyenne, WY
State: Wyoming
License Name: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


Office Address:

Candise Leininger, MS, NCC, GCDF, LPC, EMDR

1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 402

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Therapy Specialties: 

Coping Skills
Dual Diagnosis
Narcissistic Personality
Relationship Issues
Sleep or Insomnia
Traumatic Brain Injury
Binge Eating
Chronic Pain
Domestic Abuse
Emotional Disturbance
Panic Attacks


Payments Accepted:
Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa


Personal Statement

I have worked in the mental health field my entire adult life and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wyoming. I am always honored to support my clients, but I am especially honored when I get to support our men and women who have served and their family members. My approach involves assessing the personal, work, and sleep parts of your life and putting together a plan to meet the needs of your mind, body and soul. I do work primarily with individuals, not with couples and families. This is where I believe I can help make the greatest difference. Often in this busy world we don’t take the time for ourselves we need. We have let our mind run our body and soul into the ground. I truly believe the secret to life is balance. Finding that balance is a simple concept but not an easy one.

You will need to be truthful and vulnerable in counseling to do good work. I go the extra mile to help support positive change. Change is why people seek counseling. You deserve to receive competent and compassionate guidance when reaching for those goals. It is important to over communicate at times. I walk alongside my client’s journey towards health and healing.

Client Focus (Age)


Treatment Orientation

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


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