Brad Singletary

City: Henderson, NV
State: Nevada
License Name: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Office Address:

Pathways Therapy and Wellness Center

2298 W Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 201

Henderson, Nevada 89052

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

I believe that I have a gift for helping people through very difficult situations including the complex dynamics in relationships. My gift is intuition. In general, that means that I have a deep intensity of perception. I can’t read your mind; that’s not what I mean. For me, intuition is seeing the connections between past, present and future, recognizing and identifying patterns, and helping people discover their ideal self.

Because I’ve been at this a while, I have also developed the ability to help my clients focus on here-and-now solutions. Sometimes people get lost in the swirling abstraction of emotions and thoughts that keep them stuck. Action is the key to change. Taking steps. Managing every moment. Making sound decisions.

I am compassionate. I am a feeling type, warm and affirming. But sometimes the help you need includes being challenged to evaluate how you may be accidentally, unknowingly perpetuating the problems in your life. My clients seem to truly appreciate my down-to-earth and straight-forward style. I don’t get fancy. I don’t use big words. I keep things simple and easy to understand, but my approach is based on a very proficient understanding of the best in personality theory and counseling methods. Many have commented that I seem “like a regular guy” but I always know where I want to take you in the process of therapy.


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