Andrew Smith

City: Nashville, TN
State: Tennessee
License Name: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)


Office Address:

Hope Ridge Counseling

1815 Division St., Suite 301

Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Therapy Specialties: 


Payments Accepted:


Personal Statement

I help creative people find their hope again. I work with students, artists and couples who are suffering.

You feel tired, overwhelmed and you wish you didn’t dread waking up in the morning. Your passions feel distant and hidden from you. You feel like everyone else has it figured out better than you and you keep catching yourself beating yourself up over it. It feels like nothing you do is good enough and you are constantly trying to keep up. You thought it would be different by now and you feel like it’s your fault. You find yourself trying to numb the pain but deep down you know it’s not helping. Something has to change.

You want to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment in your own life. You want a greater sense of connection in your relationships. You are ready to start making changes to improve your life and learn how to be more compassionate with yourself. You are ready to find hope.


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